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    Prestashop Opencart

    It's a question that has been asked a thousand times before...

    Are there any UH folks out there (or staff) that have good experience with both
    Prestahop 1.6 and OpenCart 2.1 ?

    I am about to undertake a new project, and I simply cannot decide which system to go for, despite searching google for weeks and setting up several test websites for each. I am non the wiser

    SO.. I am hoping that folks here have recent experience of both (good and bad)

    The things that holds me back from committing to Opencart are
    1) the massive amounts of complaints about the upgarde process being buggy and poorly documented / planned.
    2) the edit orders 'bug' which as plagued a lot of folks (including my test sites setup on UH), which the devs seem to not acknowledge and blame hosting setups etc
    3) the main dev's attitude, daniel-kerr towards constructive criticism (he seems a bit of an unhelpful bellend) ..

    that being said, it seem very lightweight/fast on UH servers, looks dead easy to use and build a store with.. etc

    The things that holds me back from committing to Prestashop are
    1) jesus, it's go more feature than you can wave a stick at (normally this is not a bad thing.. but it would take at least a month just to learn how to use it)
    2) seem very slow on my server (in comparison to opencart) about 6 to 10 seconds average load speed per-page on a stock install
    3) dammed expensive mods, approx 700 to apply payment modules wanted, affiliate system, template

    So are there any UH folks with experience of both?
    which do you prefer?

    TIA, Dutchy
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